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Our bride wanted to capture the essence of Halloween for her autumn wedding, but without the kitschy, Halloween-store vibe. When asked if she'd like her invitations to feel as if Dracula himself was throwing a soirée, she was all in. The result is a hauntingly glamorous suite that marries spooky elegance with Old Hollywood glam. Isabel's hand-drawn bats and vintage book cover motifs are printed on luxurious handmade paper, while moody candle envelope liners add a touch of the ethereal. A blood-red wax seal provides the final, dramatic flourish.

Spooky + Moody Dravula Vibes in LA

For a Brooklyn wedding that aimed to capture the essence of 'classy old-school New York but drunk,' our couple wanted something that was far from conventional. When I suggested 'Kate Moss smoking in a nice dress' vibes, it was an instant 'YES!' What we created was a suite that felt like vintage upscale stationery, but with a rebellious twist—as if a supermodel had casually scribbled notes and left a lipstick mark. Little hints of spooky vibes were seamlessly integrated, elevating the suite without veering into Party City territory. The result? A wedding invitation that was fancy, but not formal; a perfect blend of elegance and edginess.

Cool + Edgy

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Experience the elevated garden ambiance of Flora Farms in Cabo through this bespoke wedding invitation suite. Isabel's hand-drawn border of chilis and citrus encapsulates the bride's personal connection to Cabo. The suite's color scheme took an unexpected yet delightful twist, influenced by a wallpaper the bride found and sent us. Completed with a venue illustration, vintage stamps, and refined calligraphy, this suite is a full-circle celebration of love and locale.

Fun + Elegant in Cabo, Mexico

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For our couple seeking an intimate yet avant-garde elopement, the inspiration was clear: modern florals meet elevated minimalism. Far from bland, this suite is a testament to the power of restraint, infused with artistic flair. Isabel's modern floral illustrations serve as a subtle yet impactful backdrop, while the use of sleek typefaces adds a contemporary edge. The pièce de résistance? A chic vellum wrap that envelopes the suite, adding a layer of tactile luxury."

Modern + Art Forward

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For a Parisian elopement set against the iconic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, our couple envisioned a mood that was quintessentially French, echoing the opulence and allure of the 1920s. This wasn't your typical invitation suite; instead, we crafted day-of paper goods that elevated every moment. From oyster shell place cards adorned with hand-painted gold names to exquisitely designed signs and vow books, each element was a nod to a bygone era, imbued with a sense of mature, moody luxury.

Opulent + Moody in Paris

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