Our Philosophy

We recognize the traditional roots of the wedding industry, many of which feel outdated in today's world.

While we might not subscribe to old-fashioned symbols like white dresses for purity or engagement rings as ownership, we're all in for celebrating love.

Because for us, and our ideal clients, it's about cherishing the journey of shared moments, whispered secrets, and collective dreams. 

We believe in love, in all its modern forms, and in throwing unforgettable parties to honor it.


Our designs are for those who value the everyday memories leading up to the 'I do's' and want their celebration to be as unique and contemporary as their love story.

Who Are We?

We create unique, personality-driven wedding stationery using luxury materials. Based in Brooklyn and serving couples worldwide, our bespoke designs have graced the pages of British Vogue and more. Whether it's an intimate elopement or a grand affair, we bring your vision to life.

You're aGatesPaper Co Bride If...

  • You're a modern romantic who values authenticity over tradition.
  • You see your love story as a cosmic event, worthy of a unique celebration.
  • You're not afraid to break the mold and make your own rules.
  • You appreciate the finer things, like luxury materials and bespoke designs.
  • You're looking for more than just an invitation—you're looking for a keepsake.
( And remember, at Gates Paper Co., 'bride' is an inclusive term. Regardless of gender expression, if you resonate with our philosophy, you can call yourself a Gates Paper Co. bride in our eyes.)

Meet Isabel:

From the sun-kissed shores of the Philippines to the bustling heart of New York City, Isabel's journey has been a tapestry of vibrant experiences. A childhood spent lost in big books, a passion for graphic design, and an entrepreneurial spirit that's been alive since she was a little girl. But it was her own wedding journey, with a love story that began at 14, that sparked the inception of Gates Paper Co.

Designer, CEO, Dirty Martini Lover

Our Story

Navigating the world of wedding invitations, Isabel faced a stark reality: the market was polarized between exorbitantly priced custom designs and lackluster, budget templates. Neither felt right. With a heart full of artistry and a head bursting with entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to bridge the gap.

Gates Paper Co. was born out of this desire to offer something unique; something that spoke to the heart without emptying the wallet. From a cozy home studio to the glamorous limelight of Vogue, our designs have since resonated with couples around the globe, proving that authenticity and style don't have to come with a hefty price tag.

Meet Haley:

Behind every great design is a meticulously organized process, and that's where Haley shines. As the Administrative Manager, she's the backbone of Gates Paper Co., ensuring every email is answered, every project is on track, and every detail is in place.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Haley now calls Brooklyn home, where she lives with her soon-to-be wife and their adorably plump cat, Po. A true Gemini, she has a myriad of interests, from cooking and yoga to her newfound love for pottery and the ultimate-frisbee-adjacent game, Galty.

administrative manager, rom com connoisseur

Meet Brianna:

in order to serve more couples with gates paper co's services, isabel knew she needed backup. it's a tall order to learn isabel's design brain and help create work that is up to the gpc standards, but brianna has met the challenge and works closely with isabel to create beautiful work for our clients.

born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, which is currently where she call home. Over the years, she has had the chance to experience life in various places, from Whistler to Barcelona.
In her spare time, she loves going to the movie theatre, trying new cooking recipes, and using her sewing machine to turn the items she thrifts into unique pieces. 

design assistant, 

Meet Devon:

While not officially on the payroll, Devon is the unsung hero behind the scenes. Born in sunny California, he met Isabel at the tender age of 15. They navigated the realms of friendship, with a chapter in the friend zone, until sparks flew at 20. A multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for the guitar, Devon's melodies often fill the Gates Paper Co. studio. But it's not just his musical talents that make him invaluable; his culinary skills ensure Isabel and the team are always well-fed and ready to create. He embodies the spirit of love and support that we aim to capture in every design.


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